Thursday, July 24, 2008

Municipal Election 2008

At a community relations meeting June 25 2008 at the Carnegie Centre after asking when was the Carnegie going to do an action in support of making City-owned 142 Water (old Storyeum location) a minimalist shelter and 24-hour community center, I was told that Carnegie had other priorities and mandates and funders telling them what to do. For close to two years I have been waiting for some kind of definite action from Carnegie and now this. Carnegie is suppose to be the "voice of the DTES" and it had already sent two letters of support to City Hall. I went ballistic and knew that I had to do something: I am sure Carnegie thought I would because of lack of community support disappear. The Carnegie is of the opinion that the street residents of the DTES should stay on the street until "real" housing is built. What a terrible price for the street homeless to pay. After that meeting I decided to run as an Independant for the 2008 City Council and make 142 Water the main focus of my pending campaign. What can be more important than making sure the street homeless have a safe dry place to sleep at night.

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