Friday, December 4, 2009

I am taking a sabbatical for a short time from DERA or until I hear something that makes me go ballistic.

I had a ballistic experience happen to me this evening December 3 2009 with the police and a woman from False Creek estates. You do something good and the next thing I know I am bombarded with three police cars and five police officers threatening to arrest me for stealing a dog. I thought I was doing a responsible thing by taking the doggie home as it was abandoned in front of Save On Foods at Cambie down from Broadway. It was tied to a railing. The poor doggie was shivering and cold and there was no one watching him and he was there out in the open for a long time and anyone could have taken it. I left my contact numbers at Save on Foods and took the doggie home. I do not have a car so it took me close to three hours to walk home. Dogs are not allowed on buses. Ann had my phone number and email number so why was it necessary for the cops to cater to her hysterial cries unless she is someone important. It was Ann who abandoned her dog while she was apparently shopping. As soon as I got home I telephoned Ann as she had left a message and she said her husband was going to come and pick up the doggie. Instead the swat team arrived because now they had my address. This poor excuse for an irresponsible human being is named Ann Anstee. For four hours the VPD was involved in this crime; whoever is in charge of the police district at Cambie/Broadway should be investigated for allowing this waste of public funding. Doesn't anyone have any common sense outthere. One of the officer's badge number was 2590. Also for the education of the general public, it is line officers that make the decision to send five cops to apprehend a dog; they don't get it approved by a senior officer. These young officers make stupid costly decisions. While the police were at my place I was holding the dog in my arms and Pepper was kissing me. The dog took an instant like to me as though it was starving for affection. The doggie smelled as though it didn't have a bath for a long time and it was skinny, like it wasn't fed very well. Leaving a doggie or a child unattended on the street should be a capital offense. In any event I won't give the police the doggie and then they threatened me with possession of stolen property. I told them I won't give them the dog as I had already made arrangement with the dog's owner that the husband was going to show up and when the husband showed up I told the police I wanted proof of who he was. The police said that isn't the way it works. I told the police to get out of my place or charge me with stealing the doggie and they refused to do either. When the husband arrived, they grabbed the dog and told the husband to run with it and he did. It was comical this overweight middle aged man running down the street holding a doggie being guarded by five police officers from a fat petite old woman on pension as if she would be capable of doing anything. Just for the record, I already have a dog and I don't need another one. At least my doggie won't let any stranger near him. Pepper would go with anyone.

Earlier in the evening I was speaking to a neighbour and he did not understand why I was so upset over the fact that the DERA executive director who is not elected fired so many employees because he is the one who hired them. Am I to assume the E/D has bad judgment when he hires them. Sometimes I do not explain the obvious. DERA has no assets except human assets --people that believe in what DERA should stand for. Therefore if these dedicated people leave then what is left: not much. And who at DERA condones firing? It is condoned by the President of DERA who to the best of my knowledge has been a director/president for close to ten years, who believes such firing are okay for the greater good. Greater good of what. I do not know. And the other directors have no opinion.

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