Friday, February 12, 2010

Lost 12 February 2010 Impeachment but will appeal

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DERA thinks it is above the law

Unfortunately I lost the impeachment by one vote. Considering the meeting happened the same time as the opening ceremonies for the Olympics I did not expect too many people to show up, if any. Since DERA erred in its process to impeach I will be able to appeal the decision. I presented two legal opinions to show that the meeting was invalid but the members didn't even consider them. DERA did not give me a written complaint of my alledged minor misdeeds they just read it off a piece of paper which was not given to me. I tried to explain some but denied most. The members did not want to listen to me they only wanted to vote. By not following legal governance DERA should be afraid that the BC government will cancel its charter to be a non-profit. At this point in time DERA is three years late in its provincial filings so it has been red flagged by the government. Already DERAH has had its federal charitable status revoked.

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