Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I went to the court registry today as I was advised that some sort of hearing was happening this morning. I didn't really understand it all. The lawyer for BC Housing wanted short leave to appoint a receiver manager being May 7, 2010. Cameron Ward said he didn't have enough time to prepare his answers to the voluminous amount of affidavits and he was awaiting the discovery of documents from BC Housing. Cameron also wanted to examine Shayne Ramsey, the Chief Executive Officer of BC Housing. The court was advised that Ramsey was on holidays. Convenient. The action generated headlines in 22 newspapers and the boss goes on holidays.

BC Housing has a worse reputation than DERA for managing properties. This past year I asked BC Housing over and over again for information and over and over again it refused to supply it. BC Housing is a government animal and it works as if it is under the directorship of Mao. With all its high priced help and university educated employees none of them have even bothered to read DERA's financial statements; if it did it would know what enabling meant and would have known that Kim had a private company doing work in the buildings since 2006. As long as an auditor was involved then BCHousing is off the hook. BCHousing and DERAHousing is equally culpable for this mess. Kim Kerr said that the profit he made from his company he donated it to DERAH as BCHousing did not give him enough money to manage the buildings. Maybe this is true. All the housing providers in the DTES say that BCHousing never gives them enough money so maybe Kim did this as a way to save DERAH. I know this is wishful thinking on my part but like everyone in the DTES we all suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome i.e. identify with one's abuser. Nothing is black and white.

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