Saturday, May 1, 2010

Although I have been asking the lawyers for BC Housing, Boughton and Company, and for DERAH, Cameron Ward, to be added to the pleadings so that I can learn what is going on. Both have refused. Cameron's answer was he hadn't received instructions from his clients, DERAH. Sounds like a lawyer talking: did he even ask his client. BC Housing didn't even acknowledge my numerous requests. So now I have to do the court thing and it is not as simple as I was led to believe. Although there is provision in the Rules of Court to be added as a defendant, I haven't been able to determine if this has ever happened before: a guilty party being asked to be named as a defendant. I am a director of DERAH, guilty as hell, and I should know what is happening.

The big day for arguments for appointing a receiver-manager by the Supreme Court is May 17th 2010. All who can attend should and be informed. Watch Cameron Ward in action.

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