Saturday, May 29, 2010

CCAP (Carnegie)

I attended at the CCAP meeting at the Carnegie on Friday. Wendy from the very beginning of the meeting was relunctant to talk about DERA and she put it at the end of the agenda saying that there might not be time. During the meeting she had members read out in detail two pages single spaced minutes and two pages single spaced stats about how poor we are compared to the rich. It was as if she wanted to fill in the meeting with trivia. At the end of the agenda items she tried to say that there wasn't time to discuss DERA but the members overruled her. They wanted to know about DERA. Sister Elizabeth was there and said that DERAdvocacy would now focus on advocacy rather than housing. I found that very interesting as I have not yet received an answer to my query to the Law Foundation to clarify whether or not it was cancelling its funding to DERA in June 2010. If the Law Foundation was going to renew it it would not be a secret. A few members of the community spoke (one of them directed his comments to Sister Elizabeth about finances) and someone said that this is a subject for a special meeting which is what meetings do when they do not want to discuss a topic and the topic is lost forever. Meeting over. Of all organizations in the DTES Carnegie should be demanding to know what really happened within the governance of DERAHousing to force BC Housing to do what it did. I am a director and I do not know. And I will never know until there are thousands of DTES residents storming for the truth......deraGATE

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