Thursday, May 13, 2010

SEE BC Housing kill DERA (revised 15.04.10)

Let BC Housing ensure the corrupt cultures of the non-profits in the DTES continue.

Don't belive that the Society Act protects the public interest, it doesn't. And don't believe that BC Housing
(the government) is protecting the public interest, it isn't.


It will happen on Monday at 9:45 a.m. May 17, 2010, at the Supreme Court House at 800Smithe Street (Robson Square). Get courtroom number from list on wall next to security desk in lobby.

The application before the court will be to appoint Deloitte & Touche as the receiver manager with powers to fire everyone and go after tenants past and present for not paying their fair rents (what fun). I am sorry I made a mistake Deloitte & Touche cannot file the employees as they are all CUPE workers (who work for CUPE but not DERAH); they can only fire the executive-director, office accountant, all the suppliers, Lydia the auditor, and all the directors. I am not sure what other powers Deloitte will have but I am sure we will never learn what really happened in DERAH after it invades the properties. The fire will be out and the dirty laundry washed.

As of Friday the Court was not advised of a new solicitor for DERA (Cameron Ward quit at a most inappropriate time), so DERAH will not be legally represented. No sane lawyer will ever take this case on such short notice.

With all their high priced help and short leaves of dates and processes to keep everything as secret as possible, BC Housing's default position (chosen evidence) will finally be voiced in open court.

It is scheduled to last three days. Admission is free.

This is open court and everyone is invited.

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