Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crosby Property Management

So much for professional property management. If any resident of the towers is not happy with something Crosby does keep notes.

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Vancouver, BC
1/22/2009 Okay- a caveat: I rent in my building rather than own.

But ... these people have been incredibly obtuse, and then incredibly non-responsive. They destroyed the parking structure in our complex with multiple poorly placed speed bumps. Everyone's suspension is getting ruined. It no longer safe to drive, as people are driving in the middle of the road to avoid the bumps. They have been incredibly unwilling to keep the residents informed about how they intend to solve this problem. I have heard from some of the owners that they're just as non-responsive to the owners. And, they didn't even bother to inform the residents when the water tower on top of the building leaked and damaged a number of the upper units.

I'm new to BC, but when I am ready to buy, I will NOT be buying into any building that uses Crosby for strata management, nor will I allow them to manage investment properties.

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