Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Portland Hotel Society

There seems to be a general consensus out there that the PHS Society (the Portland Hotel Society) is 100 times worse than DERA ever was. I checked this morning and found out that at least seven employees earn over $100,000 a year with benefits and yet the PHS has no money to WASH windows for its properties. For years I have seen the dirty windows (an insult to architect Arthur Erickson) and just assumed the Portland didn't have the money to clean. I would like to know who these employees are that make $100,000 a year as I would like to ask each of them to donate monies to get the windows washed. I personally feel that no one employed by a charitable society should earn more than 3X the minimum wage. This should also extend to public servants. If all these social and public employees worked for minimum wage capped at 3X I assure you that the minumum wage would be more than $8.00 an hour.

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