Monday, June 14, 2010

So sad, Mr. Green

In response to Mr. Green's response to the Vancouver Sun about DERA June 12 2010.

I am very sad that Jim Green is sad that the original DERA does not exist. It can again as DERAdvocacy is still there maybe not for long but it is not lost yet (the only part that is affected by the receiver-manager is DERAHousing) so why doesn't he and the other "leaders" of the DTES get involved. They were rumours for years of mismanagement and yet DERAdvocacy and DERAHousing were allowed to flounder. The blame for the failure of DERA Housing and the eventual failure of DERAdvocacy (by the domino effect) is the community. No one else. Anyone that lives in the DTES is a member of DERAdvocacy. And it is not too late for the community to organize.

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