Thursday, July 22, 2010


Each day I have at least one-half dozen blogettes in my mind but I do not have the time to write about each one. There are other things in life like going to the food banks, attending VGH daily for six hours, taking my lovely devil doggies out for their peepees and poopoos, doing five weeks of laundry, looking for a new place to live, talking to my intelligent fuckup friends who agree they are fuckups but they are honest about it not like the fuckups being the directors of DERA who are so fucked up they do no know they are fucked up, and gathering beverage containers for their refund value.

Right now I am awaiting a reply from an email to DERA hopefully to clarify items from the financial statements which should have been delivered to the members within three months of the end of the fiscal period being September 30 2009 not in mid July 2010. I have another clarification I need which is from whom did the donations come from which were mentioned in the F/S for 2008 and 2009. Kim Kerr told me and told the court that he had taken the profits of his company that did work for DERA/DERAH and donated them to DERA/DERAH but I have seen no proof of it. Very legal of him. The law says if Kim returns any profit he made from his company, then there is no conflict, so he did not do anything fraudulent in that area providing that he actually did donate the profit back to DERA/DERAH. I will be sending an email to the new Executive Director Sabrina and the accountant, Ruth Hoffman, CGA, asking for this information.

Since I am a member of DERA and also a director of DERA when this information was said to have been relevant I am entitled to this information. But then maybe not as I am was told by the Treasurer, his name escapes me, that he can't give me any information because he is under a gag order from BC Housing. I didn't even ask him for any information but he announced itto me on the street. He also told me to google his name as he owns newspapers and radio stations and he could destroy me with words. What BC Housing has to do with DERA is beyond me. DERAdvocacy and DERAHousing are suppose to be separate legal entities so I was told by the lawyers for BC Housing during the court hearing to foreclosure upon DERAH. The point is DERA survives on grants and donations which are tax deductible so each of us are intimately involved with DERA through our pocketbooks. To operate DERA the funds come from you and me. Apply whatever I am saying to other non profits and societies generally. There are big problems outthere and DERA is but a bit player and their behavior is typical.

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