Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EOI for the DERAH towers re competition/members

I apologize for taking so long to finish my rant on the EOI but as one ages time passes quickly.

I do not understand why the condition inserted re letter of committal that says

Records can be withheld if their disclosure would be harmful to the business interest of the provincial body or the party with which it is doing business.

is there.

Since a non-profit is not a for-profit what $harm could full disclosure disclosure. It seems to be a gag order without anyone questioning it. I remember Kim Kerr saying to me that all documents are only to be seen by him and BC Housing so he must have been told by BC Housing that that is the way it is. When I did ask BC Housing about Kim's statement, BC Housing did not answer my email.

Also there is no mention of any condition on number of members. I do not consider a society with only directors to be in the public interest. The purpose of members is to question what the directors and management are doing as well as participating. To start all directors meetings should be open to members or anyone who is interested in knowing what the society is about (to attract potential directors). In the proposed new Society Act for 2012 it is recommended that there only be one director who is also its only member and those that are lobbying for this say that is all that is necessary to protect the public interest. And who paid these lobbyists to come up with that conclusion. I suspect it is a bunch of highpaid highprofile lawyers.

Also I do not believe it is sufficient for the President alone to sign a statutory declaration re conflict of interest. Every director should sign it as well as all paid employees and volunteers as they come on stream.

Also it should be made clear to the proponents that if any breach of governance happens the Society will be fined $10,000 for the first offense and thereafter the operating agreement voided. You can't have the E/D and a select number of directors do what they want without any penalty considering the Society Act provides no easy remedy to enforce the Act.

This is all I am going to say about the EOI.

I still haven't heard whether or not Deloitte will continue with its forensic audit. It must finish otherwise "secrecy agreements" will be used to protect the guilty at the expensive of the public. The only thing I remember from taking a criminolgoy course at SFU many many years ago is that crime pays and white collar crime pays extremely well.

I am tired of hearing, forgot what happens, moveon. No we can't forget what happens. Justice has not been seen to be done re DERAH and it must be seen for the public interest.

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