Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GPC - March 2 2011

email sent to Paul, the author of

Paul you were right as per your blog. Do not trust anyone at VCH. I had a meeting with Bob who is risk management manager last Wednesday and I felt from that meeting that I could be friendly to the residents at GPC. On Monday evening I made a brief comment to a resident at his doorway and I was accused of going into his room which I did not do and I was banned. I was not even given the opportunity of responding to any of the other allegations most of which could have been easily explained. VCH has put Randy's life as well as my own at risk. If Randy does not have daily contact with me he will lose his will to live and he will die. I assure you that VCH has more power than any police force in the Province. Abuse of power is a mild term: what they are are bullies.

What I do not understand is that I was told that the resident's room is his home but yet I was removed yesterday from Randy's room by the police who said that GPC is a hospital and GPC can determine who can visit and who cannot.

These four months have been hard on me physically and emotionally. I can't even eat. What food I force myself to eat I vomit. I may die before Randy. It is well known that a caring caregiver lessens her life by ten years by doing what I am doing.


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