Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stephen King Centre (a.k.a. George Pearson Centre)

I asked Tanu weeks ago if she could provide a trolley with wheels so that I could place the flowers I bring for Randy on it and wheel it in front of his feet or at the side of his bed. I am quite willing to pay for the cart. Placing flowers on his sidetab.le is stupid as he he edge of his bed he can view them all the time AND the flowers would also be visible to all the other residents, visitors and staff, so that the flowers can uplift their spirits. In January I took an empty trolley and the flowers looked nice except the next shift moved the flowers on the cupboards behind Randy's head and an incident report was written. This should not be difficult to implement as other residents have hugh older model televisons on stationary tables at their bedsides restricting free flow of staff.

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