Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

When I spoke to Randy on Thursday that I would not be able to see him over the Easter weekend four days because George Pearson Centre won't let me, he became very angry and tried to get out of his wheelchair as he attempted to pull out his life support tubes from his body so he could go home with me. It is still haunting his eyes in terror not wanting this to happen. Whatever the perceived wrong I did is pale to the pain Randy is suffering. Being a prisoner in his own body and the George Pearson Centre making it worse. Besides Randy what about me. All I am doing is crying, I can't sleep, and I keep having flashbacks to what caused this injustice and it is an injustice. By its own Respectful Workplace and Human Rights Policy Vancouver Coastal Health has violated both mine and Randy's Rights and by such conduct the Rights of every person and their families in residential care.

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