Saturday, April 16, 2011

VCH devoid of moral reasoning and/or cost benefit analysis

Yesterday I went to see Randy during my restrictive visiting hours. This time I had two securities guards watching me and Randy and at 4:00 p.m. accompany me off the property to the sidewalk. I can't believe this is happening but it is. Since being constructively banned from GPC on March 1st 2011 I must have cost the Vancouver Health Authority $50,000 deflecting from what they should be doing to "making an example" of what I do not know. It isn't security that is costing the money, it is the behind the scenes meetings at the top level of Vancouver Coastal Health at $500 an hour, their lawyers, etc.

And now it is the new $7,000 wheel chair without wheels that was delivered to Randy on Friday. Believe it. It has no wheels; just little tiny wheels like baby strollers have. Nothing to make him self mobile. It is called an egometric transporter chair.

When I see Randy I do not visit. I do the best I can to motivate and one area has been training him to manipulate the loaner wheelchair he had so he could be mobile. When I showed him a $50 bill across the room he went for it. It would take him awhile as he inched towards the $50 bill but he did it.

And the cost of Randy's care to date (10 months) over $One Million only to be denied his mobility and his right of association. Something is terribly wrong. And all the advice I have been given is that I have to play the game. Why. There should be no game to play.

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