Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Caring Friend

There has been much confusion as to my connection to Randy. So I decided what I am is a caring friend, nothing more complicated. A caring friend could be a relative or a spouse but not necessarily.

Randy was in good form today but his feet were cold so I took off my socks and put them on him. When I was allowed to do his laundry I always made sure Randy had adequate socks and t-shirts and pj bottoms. I also worry about his plants and flowers I send him on the days I am not allowed to see him. The plants need to be water sprayed and the flowers have to have its water changed daily. And now he doesn't have a television as it fell down from its ceiling brackets unto the floor last week. It was an old television that did not have a remote that was left by another resident who had no further use for it as he was dead. Randy had to rely on me or staff (?) to make sure he had it on and a channel he wanted to watch. I will look for a small flat screen tv with a remote over the weekend and hopefully the tech people can have it installed soon. Nothing gets done quickly at GPC; it will probably take a month before Randy has a television again. I worry about Randy if he doesn't have any distractions the isolation will cause him to lash out. The nurses will have to restrain him which will just anger him more. Randy can read but he can't hold a newspaper or use his fingers to flip papers. So he can't even read a book; he is just wasted.

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