Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Caring Friend

I just came across this video. Please view it. It is on You Tube.
BC's Health Authorities on How to Effectively Communicate with the Public

There are five Ds to effective communication: D1 delay; D2 deny; D3 divide (separate patient from family); D4 discredit; D5 demoralize.

This is after I was told by Dr. Moria Stillwell, MLA for Langara Vancouver, this morning at her compliant meet and greet at the Oakridge Senior Centre, that the Health Authorities are their own governments removed from the jurisdiction of the BC government. I suspect the culprits are the slippery non-profit societies which are taking over everything. We don't have centralized government answerable to the public any more we just have societies (decentralized governments)that can do what they want when they want because they can.

Since the Health Authorities are beyond the reach of the legislature, I hope that those of you who read this and have a video camera will record the You Tube video (i.e. take a video of the video) before the Health Authorities force Paul to take it off the internet.

The couple who promised the flat screen TV never delivered it. So I had to buy Randy a new one. Although it was greatly reduced from its original price, it took a big bite out of my pension monies. I am down to $55.00 for the month and I still have to pay my hydro.

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