Monday, May 16, 2011


Like everyday there is something to do but nothing seems to be accomplished.

I am hoping this week to renew my interest in the proposed new BC Society Act which is suppose to come into effect 2012. It is an Act that has already been lobbied and written by the law profession. From my reading of it it makes Societies more secretive than they are now. The BC Government wants noting to do with the governance of a society except to register it. The number of directors can be only one. So who will be watching the store. If you look at the governance of Broadmead Care Society in Saanich you can speculate how badly it is managed. Any non-profit that has 400 employees (250 parttime) and only 10 employees who earn more than $40,000 a year has to be red flagged. I wonder who earns the $150,000 salary.

Also I blame the directors of Broadmead Care Society as each and everyone of them should have interviewed Kathleen three years ago and even the day before her death and maybe this injustice would not have happened to Kathleen to determine to their satisfaction if Kathleen was of sound mind. It is only commonsense that spells out that a home setting is better than an institution. The law is based on what a "reasonable man" would assume. They could have used moral suasion if they felt the sons were being unreasonable and even if the doctor and staff at Broadmead just made a bad assessment because of money and time constraints. Being a director does not mean that you hide and just wait to be reelected to your prestigeous position in the community. Each one of them should be ashamed of their behavior. They have a fiduciary duty not only to Kathleen, the Care Society, but also to the public. And to make it worse Broadmead primarily is a veterans residential care facility.

Although I haven't heard anything further re Lois Samspon about her mother and nothing has been advertised as to when her mother's funeral or memorial service will happen, it is wrong that the next-of-kin can decide whatever he wants to do with Kathleen's body. After death a tribute is only respectful and necessary. Whatever Ralphie is doing is morally wrong.

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