Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Too Late for Kathleen

I just recently started following Kathleen's detainment at Broadmead Manor in Saanich/Victoria BC. The decision ending a three year court case to determine whether or not Kathleen could live with her daughter, Lois Sampson, was delivered on Tuesday May 3 2011. The Judgment said no. The next day Wednesday May 4 2011 Kathleen died at Broadmead.

There is an old proverb
In a thousand pounds of law there is not an ounce of love.

Kathleen's wanting to live with her daughter has been written up in a series of articles in CTWatchdog.com. CTWatchdog is an American publication. So all of you who subscribe to the postmedia Canadian empire, please unscribe to it.

Even in the CTWatchdog blog it isn't easy to find the reference to Kathleen Palamarek. However if you use its search function upper right corner and type in granny snatching , you will find the various posts written about her.

I have been trying to find out when the funeral/service will be held as I would like to attend it. I was just advised by McCall Bros Funeral Directors Ltd. who own all the funeral homes in Victoria/Saanich that it has no record of her death. I was also advised that the family does not have to tell anyone. I have never heard of such a thing.

In the area governed by Vancouver Coastal Health there are signs posted all over stating that patients/residents can change their mind so this policy should be the same for Island Coastal Health.

Let Kathleen live with her daughter, live at Broadmead, live on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, wherever and whenever she wants and she should be allowed to change her mind whenever she wants.

As to her mental capacity all you have to do is see the video which is embedded in the third paragraph of Ron Winter's last post which video was taken two weeks before she died. Judge the video, be angry, stay angry. God, help us.


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