Saturday, June 25, 2011

418 Hours and Nothing

I suspect Kip must be looking for another chairmanship job as he can't even get VCHA to add his email address and his phone number on the website after 418 hours (from the date and time of his promise at the open board meeeting).

I haven't been doing very much this past week except go and visit Randy and spend time at Laurel and West Boardway with my sign asking for donations to pay for Randy's television. The people are very nice. They all think it is dreadful that the Health Authority does not provide televisions to its patients especially those with brain injuries who need mental stimulation.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

210 Hours and Still Waiting

VCH has a $3 billion budget overseeing one million citizens 604-875-4719 Kip being the Chairman of the Board is the boss of Napolean Ostrow. Napolean is only a paid employee along with with his lady mary.mary and lady-in-waiting kim sinclair.

I was just told by a RN who has worked most of her life in residential care and doesn't want to nurse abandoned patients/residents anymore. She said that a resident in a care home becomes institutionalized at three months which runs parallel to family support networks abandoning 90% of their loved ones. Staff can handle 10% of visitors if staff is convinced that those visitors only devote their time to their loved ones and not even care to know the name of the person in the next bed. (Willey at the time of my banding did not even know Randy's name whose bed is next to Amy's. Willey is the video star in the recent uploaded You Tube video entitled George Pearson Centre). Rather coincidental that my "banding" occurred at the end of February: three months exactly. So even the constructive banding (I am allowed to see Randy three times a week time limit three hours each at a time inconvenient for me so I won't visit) Visitors who visit Charles Manson get five hours (see Saturday's Sun newspaper). It is just another step to further institutionalize Randy so he doesn't feel the need to have visitors especially someone who he thinks is slowly abandoning him because she doesn't come everyday like she used to.

Randy was forced to go to GPC and he does not remember signing the admission papers nor saying he did not want to see me and he did not want to move to George Pearson Centre and when I objected the start of my discrediting (the fourth D)to ensure the third D happens (divide resident/patient from family)by VCHA started. And to think VCHA is doing this deliberately is totally reprehensible. But then how are things going to change when I was the only PUBLIC at the open board meeting of VCHA on June 8th 2011 and Kip can't even get Napoleon after ten days to post Kip's email address on VCH's webpage.

For six months I visited Randy every day at VGH before he was sent to GPC without incident (at least I wasn't aware of any incidents) and then when I advocated for Randy not to move to George Pearson Centre I am told that I was not allowed to see Randy and a
no-contact order
which is a very serious order meaning no one was allowed to visit Randy (not even the Pope) was set into place. Kim Sinclair of risk management went so far as to move him and hide him in the vastness of VGH. I should also mention that VGH knew that Randy was scheduled to go to GPC three weeks beforehand. Randy wasn't told and neither was I. No one told me although I have a piece of paper saying that in the event of disability I was to be his guardian which VGH was aware of. But then why would they respect Randy's wishes or mine. VCHA does what it wants when its wants because it can.

What concerns me about the 90% who have no visitors is how easy it would be for them to be told it is time for you to die, sign here. And they would sign. There are no safeguards for these killings. Even without documentation all staff has to say is that a resident/patient refused treatment. And in Randy's case refusing to be suctioned. When you are sick, decisions that could mean death don't even enter your head you only want to get well. Trust our health care system, I think not.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

152 Hours and Still Waiting

Such a simple thing to add an email address but then Skip must be a master of hubris. There is no easy road for us.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The truth from a nurse

On Sunday evening I spoke to Susan Vickers a nurse on leave from the nursing profession. She told me that it takes three months for a resident/patient to become institutionalized i.e. realize that a residential care facility is the best it is going to get and for them to accept the environment. She also said that only ten percent of a resident's support network continue to visit on a regular basis. She described her work as looking after the abandoned. She concurred with management on my banning as I should have only visited Randy never mind trying to be friendly to others. Now I understand the silence I received from GPC management when I said I would like to adult three or four residents so when I visit Randy I can visit them as well. Susan confirmed that the staff doesn't like visitors but will put up with them as they know that after three months there is a 90% chance of a visitor never to return. And in my case it was exactly three months from the time Randy entered George Pearson Centre until my banning. Susan opined that it was okay that GPC gave me hours to visit Randy at times that were inconvenient to me and also that she didn't see the point that Randy was treated in a discriminatory factor in that Randy was being treated differently from other residents as to visiting hours (10am to 10pm)as was posted. She could see no reason why I should stay longer. (Oh how easy it would be when the assisted suicide legislation becomes law to kill the 90% who have been abandoned.) She also said that volunteers are discouraged in residential care facilities as staff doesn't want them to see what is really going on. Only visitors who have blinders on and only focus totally on their family member are allowed. In Open Ward 2 where Randy is there is only one bully allowed 10 to 10; 7 days a week. This bully sucks up to management and has for eight years. He is the one who makes sure visitors do not return. Even residents from other wards are afraid to visit anyone in Ward 2 when the bully is there. The bully discourages visitors and that leaves one less chore for staff to deflect.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

96 Hours and Still Waiting

I understand that there is such a thing as weekends for directors but they don't need it they should devote eight hours a day from their 100 hour work schedules to hurry Napolean Ostrow to post their emails addresses. Patients and residents of long term facilities and caring friends have no weekends, evenings or holidays off. We demand equality.

Yesterday outside of Zellers at Oakridge I spoke to a woman who agreed with the 5-Ds and who said an associate of hers was fired by mary.mary recently. The associate was due for retirement after 29 years but mary.mary fired her anyways. Mary.mary could have waited. But no "hubris" why should she care for someone who has had a twenty-nine year commitment to health care.

At the Board meeting Skip told me he had an open door for whistleblowers. Those are not the ones he should be speaking to; he should be speaking to those who have exited the grasp of mary.mary and napolean ostrow. Skip should phone those who have exited and ask them to tea in a highend restaurant or better yet to his home and candidly talk with them. By quickly acting hubrisism should be eliminated by the end of the year. That should be something the Board should be able to tell their grandchildren as their greatest life accomplishment. Skip should be invited to the Harvard Business School where mary.mary got her education on how he was able to end hubrisim within six months and hope Harvard cancel mary.mary's degree. A model for the world BC's Health Authorities will become.

After the church service I attended I walked up to GPC to leave Randy a small gift (a pair of socks) with security. On my way off the property (on the sidewalk)I inquired from a resident (she said she was from Ward 6) if she had seen the GPC video. She didn't know anything about it. Another resident said he knew of the video but hadn't seen it because there was no need as he lived there. I wonder what psychological brain washing degree holder from risk management has told those that ask about the video that the staff tell them that it is not necessary to see it because they live there. Brilliant strategy. Yes, Virginia, there is a recent video of George Pearson Centre on You Tube which everyone who has or who will have anything to do with residential health care should visit. It is such a simple title that it is impossible to miss except Centre is spelled the old fashioned English way with RE and that is why I wasn't able to discover it until last week.
I am closer in age to 70 than 60 ... remember it is us over 60 that do not have the time to wait for slow change and it is not a prerequisite in our fast moving technological world. I am all for open board meetings being held weekly.


Friday, June 10, 2011

48-hours and waiting

It has been 48 hours and still Kip Woodward's email address is not on the VCH web page site.

I just checked Providence Health and find that Geoff Platt is the Chair.
Being a lawyer and an attorney-general for BC for nine years he must know of the 5Ds. Kip was the Chair of Providence Health for four years. Both of these chairs are therefore acquiescing that senior staff manage in such a fashion.

And I was the only public at the open board meeting of VCH on June 8 2011... Senior management is doing their jobs: D3 divide public from management by D5 demoralize the public so they know that whatever they do is futile. I hope each senior management employee gets a big bonus because his performance has been stellar.

I am closer to 70 in age than 60 and those of us who are closer in age to 80 than 70 and those of us who are closer in age to 90 than 80 and those of us who are closer in age to 100 than 90 have the time and the $resources to rapidly change how our medical services are delivered.

Martin Luther King Jr. said: Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter. And health care matters.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

VCHA Open Board Meeting June 8 2010

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting. It was one of three open board meetings which are open to the public each year. I think it should have monthly open board meetings as there is so much material and if the board meetings happen more often (same date and time and place each month) more people will come. These board meetings should be set up so that they are educational vehicles for the public to learn, to understand, to participate. And the presenters and the Board members and staff should stand not sit when they talk. Sitting hiding behind microphones so no one except the first row can see you is not what I expected. I would like to see who is talking and they all should have name tags. Whispering to someone (security) next to you "who is speaking" is unsettling. I remember getting up in the Q&A period and starting with ... I am closer in age to 70 than 60 but I still can have a voice (or something like that).

I was able to secure a promise from Kip Woodward, the Chairman of the Board, that on the VCHA web page on the Board Members' page that all the directors' email addresses will be posted bypassing the long hierarchical command of the CEO. He agreed. One victory but then we will have to see how long it takes for it to happen. Napoleon Ostrow (Ostrow looks like Napoleon -- short and stocky)is really in charge as he is the CEO and it will be interesting to see how long since Kip decided this at the Board meeting that this will in deed happen. It is now 30 hours and still no directors' email addresses on the web. D1 is in progress: delay, delay, delay.

Did I mention that I was the only public at the Open Board Meeting although the audience was full of presenters (senior management). Speaking to the converted. It must mean that 1 million people in the Greater Vancouver area is happy with the Health Authority. Happy, happy, happy. This is what I was told by the nursing staff at George Pearson Centre as Randy repeatedly pulls out his trach. I am banned from seeing Randy at his bedside so I do not know how many times he has pulled out his trach or why. But the nurses assured me that when they leave Randy with me for our visits they do not worry about Randy as Randy never pulls out his trach when I visit. One of the nurses also told me that with three visits a week that at least now Randy gets out of his bed three times a week. Does that mean he is confined to his bed when I am not visiting. I asked for a video survilliance but I was told that it was impossible. Why is that in New York State the public interest is paramount to the private interest of employees in nursing homes and cameras are being installed. If I am not allowed to see Randy at his bedside I should at least be able to view him on a webcam.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today, June 7, 2011, is the one year anniversary of Randy's injury. A year to reflect upon with regret.

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