Saturday, June 18, 2011

210 Hours and Still Waiting

VCH has a $3 billion budget overseeing one million citizens 604-875-4719 Kip being the Chairman of the Board is the boss of Napolean Ostrow. Napolean is only a paid employee along with with his lady mary.mary and lady-in-waiting kim sinclair.

I was just told by a RN who has worked most of her life in residential care and doesn't want to nurse abandoned patients/residents anymore. She said that a resident in a care home becomes institutionalized at three months which runs parallel to family support networks abandoning 90% of their loved ones. Staff can handle 10% of visitors if staff is convinced that those visitors only devote their time to their loved ones and not even care to know the name of the person in the next bed. (Willey at the time of my banding did not even know Randy's name whose bed is next to Amy's. Willey is the video star in the recent uploaded You Tube video entitled George Pearson Centre). Rather coincidental that my "banding" occurred at the end of February: three months exactly. So even the constructive banding (I am allowed to see Randy three times a week time limit three hours each at a time inconvenient for me so I won't visit) Visitors who visit Charles Manson get five hours (see Saturday's Sun newspaper). It is just another step to further institutionalize Randy so he doesn't feel the need to have visitors especially someone who he thinks is slowly abandoning him because she doesn't come everyday like she used to.

Randy was forced to go to GPC and he does not remember signing the admission papers nor saying he did not want to see me and he did not want to move to George Pearson Centre and when I objected the start of my discrediting (the fourth D)to ensure the third D happens (divide resident/patient from family)by VCHA started. And to think VCHA is doing this deliberately is totally reprehensible. But then how are things going to change when I was the only PUBLIC at the open board meeting of VCHA on June 8th 2011 and Kip can't even get Napoleon after ten days to post Kip's email address on VCH's webpage.

For six months I visited Randy every day at VGH before he was sent to GPC without incident (at least I wasn't aware of any incidents) and then when I advocated for Randy not to move to George Pearson Centre I am told that I was not allowed to see Randy and a
no-contact order
which is a very serious order meaning no one was allowed to visit Randy (not even the Pope) was set into place. Kim Sinclair of risk management went so far as to move him and hide him in the vastness of VGH. I should also mention that VGH knew that Randy was scheduled to go to GPC three weeks beforehand. Randy wasn't told and neither was I. No one told me although I have a piece of paper saying that in the event of disability I was to be his guardian which VGH was aware of. But then why would they respect Randy's wishes or mine. VCHA does what it wants when its wants because it can.

What concerns me about the 90% who have no visitors is how easy it would be for them to be told it is time for you to die, sign here. And they would sign. There are no safeguards for these killings. Even without documentation all staff has to say is that a resident/patient refused treatment. And in Randy's case refusing to be suctioned. When you are sick, decisions that could mean death don't even enter your head you only want to get well. Trust our health care system, I think not.


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