Friday, June 10, 2011

48-hours and waiting

It has been 48 hours and still Kip Woodward's email address is not on the VCH web page site.

I just checked Providence Health and find that Geoff Platt is the Chair.
Being a lawyer and an attorney-general for BC for nine years he must know of the 5Ds. Kip was the Chair of Providence Health for four years. Both of these chairs are therefore acquiescing that senior staff manage in such a fashion.

And I was the only public at the open board meeting of VCH on June 8 2011... Senior management is doing their jobs: D3 divide public from management by D5 demoralize the public so they know that whatever they do is futile. I hope each senior management employee gets a big bonus because his performance has been stellar.

I am closer to 70 in age than 60 and those of us who are closer in age to 80 than 70 and those of us who are closer in age to 90 than 80 and those of us who are closer in age to 100 than 90 have the time and the $resources to rapidly change how our medical services are delivered.

Martin Luther King Jr. said: Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter. And health care matters.

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