Sunday, June 12, 2011

96 Hours and Still Waiting

I understand that there is such a thing as weekends for directors but they don't need it they should devote eight hours a day from their 100 hour work schedules to hurry Napolean Ostrow to post their emails addresses. Patients and residents of long term facilities and caring friends have no weekends, evenings or holidays off. We demand equality.

Yesterday outside of Zellers at Oakridge I spoke to a woman who agreed with the 5-Ds and who said an associate of hers was fired by mary.mary recently. The associate was due for retirement after 29 years but mary.mary fired her anyways. Mary.mary could have waited. But no "hubris" why should she care for someone who has had a twenty-nine year commitment to health care.

At the Board meeting Skip told me he had an open door for whistleblowers. Those are not the ones he should be speaking to; he should be speaking to those who have exited the grasp of mary.mary and napolean ostrow. Skip should phone those who have exited and ask them to tea in a highend restaurant or better yet to his home and candidly talk with them. By quickly acting hubrisism should be eliminated by the end of the year. That should be something the Board should be able to tell their grandchildren as their greatest life accomplishment. Skip should be invited to the Harvard Business School where mary.mary got her education on how he was able to end hubrisim within six months and hope Harvard cancel mary.mary's degree. A model for the world BC's Health Authorities will become.

After the church service I attended I walked up to GPC to leave Randy a small gift (a pair of socks) with security. On my way off the property (on the sidewalk)I inquired from a resident (she said she was from Ward 6) if she had seen the GPC video. She didn't know anything about it. Another resident said he knew of the video but hadn't seen it because there was no need as he lived there. I wonder what psychological brain washing degree holder from risk management has told those that ask about the video that the staff tell them that it is not necessary to see it because they live there. Brilliant strategy. Yes, Virginia, there is a recent video of George Pearson Centre on You Tube which everyone who has or who will have anything to do with residential health care should visit. It is such a simple title that it is impossible to miss except Centre is spelled the old fashioned English way with RE and that is why I wasn't able to discover it until last week.
I am closer in age to 70 than 60 ... remember it is us over 60 that do not have the time to wait for slow change and it is not a prerequisite in our fast moving technological world. I am all for open board meetings being held weekly.


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