Thursday, June 9, 2011

VCHA Open Board Meeting June 8 2010

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting. It was one of three open board meetings which are open to the public each year. I think it should have monthly open board meetings as there is so much material and if the board meetings happen more often (same date and time and place each month) more people will come. These board meetings should be set up so that they are educational vehicles for the public to learn, to understand, to participate. And the presenters and the Board members and staff should stand not sit when they talk. Sitting hiding behind microphones so no one except the first row can see you is not what I expected. I would like to see who is talking and they all should have name tags. Whispering to someone (security) next to you "who is speaking" is unsettling. I remember getting up in the Q&A period and starting with ... I am closer in age to 70 than 60 but I still can have a voice (or something like that).

I was able to secure a promise from Kip Woodward, the Chairman of the Board, that on the VCHA web page on the Board Members' page that all the directors' email addresses will be posted bypassing the long hierarchical command of the CEO. He agreed. One victory but then we will have to see how long it takes for it to happen. Napoleon Ostrow (Ostrow looks like Napoleon -- short and stocky)is really in charge as he is the CEO and it will be interesting to see how long since Kip decided this at the Board meeting that this will in deed happen. It is now 30 hours and still no directors' email addresses on the web. D1 is in progress: delay, delay, delay.

Did I mention that I was the only public at the Open Board Meeting although the audience was full of presenters (senior management). Speaking to the converted. It must mean that 1 million people in the Greater Vancouver area is happy with the Health Authority. Happy, happy, happy. This is what I was told by the nursing staff at George Pearson Centre as Randy repeatedly pulls out his trach. I am banned from seeing Randy at his bedside so I do not know how many times he has pulled out his trach or why. But the nurses assured me that when they leave Randy with me for our visits they do not worry about Randy as Randy never pulls out his trach when I visit. One of the nurses also told me that with three visits a week that at least now Randy gets out of his bed three times a week. Does that mean he is confined to his bed when I am not visiting. I asked for a video survilliance but I was told that it was impossible. Why is that in New York State the public interest is paramount to the private interest of employees in nursing homes and cameras are being installed. If I am not allowed to see Randy at his bedside I should at least be able to view him on a webcam.

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