Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gratitude to Nurse Florence Nightingale

During my alloted phone call I was asked by Randy's nurse to purchase Randy some shaving cream as the supply I had purchased him prior to my banning had run out. Prior to my banning I looked after all such toiletries and his clothing needs including washing them and purchasing them. She said that she has been using his hair shampoo to shave him. At least one person (the one and only time)used initiative in GPC and spoke to me about Randy's needs.

Then I wondered why couldn't she have used/borrowed shaving foam from another resident when Randy's supply ran out and let me know Randy's supply had ended. The staff at GPC have my phone number. I am sure there is a policy that states to staff not to encourage sharing among its residents as sharing denotes friendships. The irony of it all. To make it more ironic the wards are not suppose to be called wards they are suppose to be called "neighbourhoods."

This is in keeping with the fact that when Randy's television (loaner) fell down and crashed from it ceiling mount NO ONE told me. It was a friend who went to see Randy in June and he checked with me afterward to let me know if I knew that Randy didn't have a TV. Randy was without a TV for a month. Remember that Randy cannot talk or walk and he has a trach, a feeding tube, a peepee tube and he had a traumatic brain injury and because of my limited physical access (this week 12 minutes)to him he has nothing to occupy his time or stimulate his brain except to watch TV or stare at the ceiling and for one month he had nothing. When I got my pension cheque I blew all my dispoable income on a new television for him as it will be the only thing he will have and I wanted him to have the best (an onsale 32inch flatscreen with a DVC for $450. with taxes). I have had to cut $back since then like not taking Randy's pet "his son" he calls Owen, a terrier-poodle cross, to his semi-annual grooming session. Randy never had any children.

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