Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trip to VGH 02 September 2011

It has been very quiet this week. When things are too quiet I assume something is happening behind my back. I never think things are going to get worse but each day they do negating whatever was worse before. Yesterday, animal control gave me a ticket for $250 because little Owen was off leash. He was on a leash but he bolted and I had to let the leash drop. The animal control person was apprehensive of me like she was expecting me to give her a bad time. I never get angry with someone over something like that: road rage is not me. Owen was off leash and a neighbourhood person reported it. Now I will have to make arrangements with Animal Control to make payments. Another incident to take a few hours of my limited remaining life.

I went to see Randy for a few minutes yesterday. Three weeks ago Saturday Randy was transferred back to VGH as he had an acquired pneumonia infection. Last time he had an acquired hospital pneumonia he was in VGH isolated in a single room for six months.

I went with a friend of Randy's and mine and his girlfriend to visit Randy on Saturday. Chad said he never every since he knew me saw me so frightened that I was unable to talk to staff i.e. I have become afraid of VCH as no matter how you conduct yourself a nurse will be writing up an incident report. A report that they do not give you a copy of. I could hardly talk. I do not understand as you are suppose to have privacy when visiting and not have three nurses three feet from you watching and writing down everything you touch and say.

Randy was happy to see me and he did not want me to leave but VGH said I had to leave within ten minutes. I do not understand where this ten minute restriction came from. I remember asking for Randy's care plan and none was emailed to me. I tried to talk to the social worker yesterday and she didn't return my call. So, VCH is up to something just to create more stress for me and Randy. They do whatever just because they can. My doctor is amased that I am still able to function. Since he has known me for close to 30 years, he is the only one I trust with my health. I am close to 70and not one of my relatives have lived past that age. I have to start planning for the next stage. I phoned his parents again in the hope they would came and give me a respite but was told that they did not want to know anything about Randy or me and both of us were off their radar. So much for familial support. The most important thing I have to do is make sure Randy will be in a safe place but where is a safe place. Since he has no money, no one wants to his guardian. He will surely die within months of my death. Randy is very strong so I do not understand why he has not been given physio and other treatments. He will loose all his muscle strength if kept in bed all the time.

I did some fundraising on the street to rent Randy a few days of television rental at VGH. VGH charges $17.36 a day. Those patrons that gave money were very nice. We would always talk and most had suffered a hospital experience without a television. I still do not understand why VCH doesn't supply televisions to brain injured patients. Brain injured patients need stimulation to keep their brain alive and relearnable. Televisions should be a prerequite treatment.

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