Monday, October 24, 2011

I was right.

Randy didn't want to get out of his bed to see me today. I looked at him and was in near tears as what I saw wasn't the "normal" appearance of hope I saw on Thursday. He was a skeleton with skin. When I inquired as to why he didn't want to get up he acknowledged that he wanted to go home. Although Randy changed his mind about getting up the charge nurse said she didn't have the staff to lift Randy out of bed and put him in his wheelchair and I would have to return tomorrow.

There is a letter out there written by Bob Chapman of Risk Management that says that I can only attend to Randy at his bedside for only ten minutes max and for me to have a longer visit Randy would have to be transported to the piano room. Apparently after ten months the residents are still afraid of me and GPC hasn't done anything to end the fear like getting a psychologist to speak to the residents about the fears of me. As far as I can tell no one is afraid of me.

Today I phoned at 4:15 GPC Ward 2 as I wanted to leave a message that I would phone Randy at 7:00 pm. By luck the afternoon RN answered the phone and she connected me with Randy. I was apologizing to Randy about not phoning him yesterday and that I had tried to phone on Friday and Saturday as well. I told him that the staff said he was sleeping but I knew he wasn't as I went to GPC and looked in his window at 9:05 pm and he was watching television. I knocked lightly on his window and I could see his head and knee move. I also told Randy that I would ask the medical staff that I attend with him when he is scheduled for medical treatments like physio (Randy apparently is refusing physio and other treatments) and I would be there as his support. When I said to him that I didn't understand why the staff won't let me talk to him on the phone on Sunday, the phone line abruptly went dead. For the readers, for me to phone Randy a nurse holds a phone to his ear as Randy does not have the dexterity to use a phone and he breathes heavily so I know he hears me. I never talk more than two minutes. I know the nurse hears our conversation but I do not know if it is on speaker phone or not; no difference as I am tired of being careful with what I say and how I say it. The stress is too much.

Back to Thursday and Randy's cry for FOOD. I was sick over it as I realized that the bully who cooks gourmet meals in Ward 2 must still be cooking his dinners there. The bully is a visitor who lives there except for the few hours he works. I complained prior to my banning about his "right" to cook spicy gourmet food as the smell must be torture to residents like Randy who cannot eat.(I just revisited the You Tube George Pearson Centre video and there the bully is saying he cooks at GPC). It has been ten months since I was constructively banned from GPC in the evenings and weekends and holidays when the bully would be there. I had forgotten that he must be continuing in his disregard for the helpless and vulnerable residents at GPC as long as he is "on board." The policy of GPC is that visitors are only allowed occasionally to have tea and a cookie; they are not allowed to buy food in bulk from Costco and cook it there. How can I argue with this "poster child" in the You Tube video of George Pearson Centre. He and the other bullies are all featured in the video as loving GPC. What a nauseating sequeal and true to the definition of bullying.

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