Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31st 2011

After rushing off to the dollar store to purchase legwarmers, I came home at 7:30 p.m. to a large doggie (retriever) hiding under the table quivering (I got to start doing crossword puzzles so I can increase my vocabulary) in fear. He is trembling. This big doggie is afraid of the noises of Hallowe'en. He has serious issues: he is afraid of any large noise and bolts until he runs away from the sound with me running after him or if inside he burrows into a corner under a table. Try to move/comfort a 100 pound doggie when he is afraid. I will have to spend the evening soothing/holding him. I am close to seventy years old. Do I need this. Of course I need else am I to keep active.

I was able to see Randy today. He was so "normal." We spent two full hours doing lettering, visiting with Russ, Roy, Asif and Ray, being disabled residents who dropped by, and, briefly a volunteer, GPC's carpenter in Hallowe'en dress and the nurse practioner. I am beginning to think the best thing that happened was my constructive banning.

If it wasn't for that Randy most likely would have died by now because I would just be at his bedside and he won't be forced to get up. I remember when I was saying something about me being banned someone said at least now he gets up. I can't remember who she was as there were people around and confusion and when I am under stress things fade into memory flashbacks but thank you for saving Randy's life and perhaps even my own.

I have to leave the blog as the big doggie needs me.

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