Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011

I wrote up this morning thinking of Randy and I felt anger. I had only three hours this week to visit. One hour on Monday; and Two hours on Wednesday. It is not enough time to reinforce his lettering and numbering. Vancouver Coastal Health must have a policy of not rehabing those in George Pearson Center.

I still do not understand why I was banned. Maybe it was when I raised my voice and accused the Ward of bullying. I still haven't gotten over the broken promise Linda Rose made that she would have an independent investigation done over what happened. And, then, one month later (July 2011) she advised me that this wasn't going to happen. Linda Rose was the manager of George Pearson Center in 2010 and I suspect she doesn't want any professional outsiders near the place. She got a promotion out of GPC with GPC still being under her authority. The bullies must have developed a close relationship with her for her to gamble her reputation and career on. I see no objectivity in how she treated me causing unnecessary restrictions and preventing Randy from his right to see me when he wants. It is easy to control Randy as he can't talk or write so he can't even ask to see me. Being poor opens up one's life to total abuse. And it was her who made sure that when Randy (after he turned blue at GPC) was sent to Vancouver General Hospital in August 2011 that I could only see Randy for ten minutes a day from eight hours. Previously I was told by Risk Management that I could visit Randy at VGH for as long as I wanted as there was no one there that was afraid of me and I did so close to two weeks. Maybe the VGH restriction was initiated by Linda Rose in the hope that I would make a scene and it could be used to ban me forever. As to my mental health, I am still open to seeing a psychiatrist. If I am someone to be afraid of then VGH should have done this ten months ago to protect its residents, its staff and its visitors. It would be very embarrassing for VCH if a psychiatrist said that I was reacting normally under the daily bulling I was facing.

I keep remembering what Moira Stilwell, MD turned MLA, said to me that VCH has its own government and I would have to work with the abusers. Thanks Moira.

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