Monday, November 14, 2011

I had a sick feeling on Saturday

I had a sick feeling on Saturday and it was further confirmed when I tried to call Randy on Saturday and he won't take the phone. A resident told me this afternoon that on Saturday afternoon he/she saw Randy in his bed restrained beyond a soft restraint. He was like he was imprisoned and his arms was tried up behind his head. His television was turned off. Why was this necessary. All Randy wants is that I have more access to him or else he be allowed to come here.

When I went to GPC today I was told and shown a number of consent documents that I and Randy would have to sign before he would be allowed to leave. The health professional then ran off with the documents never to be seen again. I have taken randy off site for months now he has to sign documents. Randy I know will not sign any documents after he was tricked by VGH last year after signing documents that transferred him to GPC and for VGH not to tell me. I found this incredible and still do. Randy lost millions of brain cells because of his traumatic brain injury and yet the VGH said he had the capacity to sign documents. I asked Randy and he couldn't remember signing them. He told me at that time that he never said he didn't want to see me. I am sure he will never sign any document again. So he is being imprisoned. Poor Randy. Poor me. Poor the rest of you.

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