Friday, November 4, 2011

Legwarmers needed ...

I am on a new project: the collection of legwarmers to be distributed to the cold and frail at hospitals provided they are knitted with soft "baby" wool and other knitted legwarmers to be distributed to the elderly and the street homeless.

I am sourcing an easy pattern to knit or crochette and will post the instructions as soon as I get them for those who know how to knit.

If you already have legwarmers that you can donate drop them off at 5976 Cambie (basement entrance) across from Safeway at Oakridge Mall or let me know and I will come and pick them up. 604-321-2276 I will distribute them if you can't.

Legwarms (sleeves) made from soft yarn is the answer to those being cold in a hospital or residential setting. Easy to put on; easy to take off; easy to knit: either rectangles or knit-in-the-round (tube). They should be seamless or have invisible handsewned seams. What a simple solution to an old age problem.

I spent the last few days seeking out legwarmers in dollarstores. There is some stock but none with the soft yarn knitted that would be close to the body to fit the legs or arms snuggly. For the frail item 16-3010054 one size fits all the one with fuzzy strips) is the best (if you live in an area that has a Dollarama)and is priced at $1.50. Buy them all up and donate them to your local residential care or hospital.

The knit has to be a rib stitch so it can stretch. At the beginning use a smaller sized needles (4-6 rows) to get more stretch to act as an elastic (not necesaary but desireable) and then go to a slightly larger needle(s) all the while doing knit one pearl one (64 stitches)) and knit about 20-inches for a one-size fits all pattern.

Although fashion sleeve legwarmers have been around forever, the use of them for the frail and the aged has not be exploited. I hope the "sleeves" become a standard in everyone's family.

In addition to knitted legwarm sleeves, I would also like to collect socks being mismatched or used. The homeless are always short of socks and I will make sure they are distributed fairly. The socks do not have to be in perfect condition; they do not even have to match or be sized.

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