Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16 2011

I went to see Randy today. He was in good spirits but he still wants to come home and visit. I was told that yesterday (the reason why he looked white) was because he had pulled out his life support. He pulls out his life support because he is unhappy and it is the only way he can get attention so he can go home. I do not understand what GPC is doing. GPC doesn't give him any serious rehab, he just vegetates in his bed and watches tv provided the staff puts it on for him to watch. He can't communicate successfully. Randy is not under the Public Trustee so he has a right to go home and have me visit when he wants. Today he even said he wanted to be married as that would make him happy. I want to know why GPC is taking his freedoms away from him. All residents at GPC can leave for a day whenever they want, so why can't Randy.

I want an answer from VCH's legal department.

I called this evening as I wanted to talk to Randy's nurse Rio. She refused to return my call. Each time a nurse from GPC won't return my call, her name or his name is going to show up on this blog. I am tired of leaving messages and no one calls me back.

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