Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17 2011 Thursday

I am totally frustrated with GPC. I wanted to leave some flowers on the wards today and was told by the nursing staff they are not allowed to take them and security also said that it couldn't take them. What a simple thing and yet no one wants to assist. What is a person suppose to do drop them at the front door and hope no one steals them or they freeze because of the cold weather. This isn't the first time such requests were denied. I have never been in an environment where staff has been so uncooperative. Their unionized job descriptions are so strict rendering them near useless in our modern multitasking society. A job so clearly defined that one doesn't have to think or learn anything else after being hired. Just get hired and then retire with pay. This also extends to even giving Randy a chalkboard so he can scribble on it. Unless I am there apparently no stimulation is given except for the tv. I dread to know how other residents are treated or not treated. I was told that there is a shortage of volunteers at GPC. Maybe it is because the volunteers are told to see nothing and say nothing and above all do not get personal with any resident and stay away from those that can't talk or defend themselves. Isolated to the point where the residents are conditioned so even the most vocal and those treated unjustly are silenced. I ask them to speak out and am told by the residents and family members that if they do the standard of care of their caring friend or family member will be lessened. Take away stimulation; take away brain function; take away caring friends. Take away life. See You Tube: BC's Health Authorities on How to Effectively Communicate with the Public. Up to the time I came across this video I felt that I was a pawn in a script with staff orchestrating my pain until it was too much and I would go away. Too bad Randy is a fighter and an American who believes in fighting for justice. He is now the most important person in this dialogue and I am his caring friend and advocate.

I wasn't able to visit with Randy in the piano room Thursday afternoon. When I went into the ward for my allotted few minutes he said he didn't want to get out of bed because his head hurt. This is the first time he ever said his head hurt. I showed him the new AC/DC monopoly board I just purchased and could he play monopoly and he said yes. I asked him if he could go home would he get up. He said yes. I told him on Friday we could play the board game.

I told him that because I was an old lady (approaching seventy) that if I took him home without GPC's consent GPC would get the police (a restraining order) and I would never see him again. It would be evidence that I was a risk to him. I was told GPC could make sure that if I did not do whatever GPC wanted I would never see Randy again. I suspect this means that the Public Trustee would take over and make GPC his committee and GPC would totally ban me forever. Even this afternoon when I was talking to Bob Chapman I could heard him type in every word I said. In other words if I wanted a crumb I would have to suck up to each one of them (please do not kill Randy by removing his will to live) or suffer the consequences. Thank you Napolean (Ostrow). Thank you Josephine (MARY). Thank you Dr/MLA Moira Stilwell


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