Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday November 15 2011

I went and saw Randy this afternoon. When he saw me he started to move his wheelchair a few minutes towards me. He was a bit drained "white" but I was glad he wanted to see me. Randy didn't have any warm slippers on only his socks; and he only had a short sleeve shirt. I asked the nurse for a toss blanket and she told me that Randy was only allowed in the piano room and he wasn't going anywhere else so he didn't need a blanket. Another misinformed nurse. Randy can do what he wants. It is me that has restrictions. If Randy wants to go offsite, he can. If Randy wants to go to Hawaii, he can.

Later he started to cry and I had a few tears in my eyes as well. This is crazy. GPC is suppose to be his home not a jail.

No one gave me the consents to sign. But then I do not understand why consents even exist when legislation says BC hospitals are immune from prosecution.

We did some lettering and alphabetical cards and I read to him a bit from a book on how doggies speak to humans. He was very interested in it.

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