Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st 2011

I have been seeing Randy every day over the Christmas weekend and week. This afternoon we did the letterboard thing (a letterboard is a sheet of paper with the alphabet on it). We hadn't done the letterboard for a long time. It is very time consuming as Randy's motor ability to focus his finger on a letter is difficult. It is like playing charades without action. I was able to slowly put together what he wanted to say: I have bad memories. I am afraid. I want food.

During the week there was one incident and one situation. Both are stressful. The one incident is so stupid I do not want to discuss it and the situation I am working on for it to be resolved. I always say to myself things cannot get any worse and then they do.

During the week I was able to observe in the hallway the poster children of GPC who passed by (those who documented on You Tube how wonderful GPC was). They had the freedom of GPC (24/7) and I had only my allotted time and allotted space and the flashbacks of what Linda Rose told me last summer: I would never be given anything further and if Randy was on his death bed I would not be allowed on Ward 2. This was the woman who promised me that VCH would do an independent investigation and then changed her mind. When Randy was returned to VGH in August of 2011 because of an unexpected life threatening infection at first I was allowed to see Randy during normal visiting hours and which I did for two weeks then Linda Rose found outI was there and then a no contact order was issued so that no one could see Randy and I could only see him for 10 minutes a day if I phoned ahead of time. I never phoned I just showed up for my ten minutes at the end of the day. I was told by a nurse that the time was restricted because I had issues. What issues?

I still do not know what terrible harm I did and VCH doesn't have to tell me. Legally Vancouver Coastal Health doesn't have to: no due process. Like an employer doesn't have to tell you why he fired you. VCH has policies that suggest due process but there is no way to enforce them. And it is hiding behind the fact that GPC is on private property and it does not have to justify its decision to prevent a trespass. The victims are everyone of us -- the one million citizens who depend on VCH but cannot trust it. VCH has no respect for individual rights only its collective will to be legally corrupt i.e. not do the right thing. The right thing is what a "reasonable man" you and I would expect and in this case due process. But then VGH can't be reasonable as it is not a thinking person.

What I do not understand is why is it thatI am a threat to the safety of the staff, residents and visitors to GPC and yet I am allowed isolated freedom to visit Randy. Would I not also be a threat to him?

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