Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Week also see new paragraph

It has been an interesting week.  I am totally exhausted.  I have been taking Randy home for the past few weeks and it is proving too much for me.  He can't be or he doesn't want to be alone for a minute.  For the most part he is manic as he is tries to talk to me and he can't.  He makes gestures and I do not understand him and then he gets more and more frustrated.  I am at a lose.  At the moment he wants me to buy him a walker.  He wants to walk but GPC says he is not ready but then if you depend on GPC he will never be ready.  For the past year all I have heard is he isn't ready to talk, to eat, to walk.  I still do not understand why he wasn't sent to GF Strong as he was originally destined to go. Maybe it had something to do with his later reassessment in that he was never going to be a high wage earner (taxpayer).  GPC is only a maintenance hospital (residential care facility).  No one gets better.  When you are sent to GPC you are told that the resident is as good as he will ever get and GPC makes sure that that status quo remains as stated. This is where VCH $cuts and $cuts and $cuts. We all know that money is joyful and that the lack of such must be the reason GPC is unjoyful.

more musings to follow ... re death of a resident (fond memories of and regrets), re reports of a Ward 2 visitor who is still cooking food in the common area of Ward 2; a nurse telling me that she couldn't talk to me as she was on her break as if she was afraid to be seen talking to me (this could also explain the fact when I leave a message for someone to telephone me no one returns by call: I tested this on the evening shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: I phoned and left a message for someone from Ward 2 to call me: no one called); no rental eviction notice but the neighbours are still vindictive as I just received a ticket for a dog not leashed on a date so long ago I do not remember, etc... a week in the life of a woman close to 70. I am near the end of my life and my time is precious and I do not have time to be confronted with these things every single day since Randy arrived at GPC.  What bullying; what craziness.  And the obvious as stated in an article about bullying I recently read: bullies always win.


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