Friday, March 16, 2012

Do No Harm

Blogger has gone crazy on me.  I can't read the dashboard as it is in Spanish or some other similar language and I can't change it to English. So I do not even know if this will be published. 

The question I am pondering now is: DO NO HARM.  What harm did I do vs. what harm VCH has done.  VCH is in a position of absolute power and as a result VCH has negatively abused its powers to the point that the general population is or should be in fear of it.  VCH is so into proactive measures that they cause excessive harm to the ridiculous (eg. schools banning swings and baseball).

And now they are talking of euthanasia.  If euthanasia is illegal why is VCH even discussing the topic in their ethics (management) committees and how easy it would be to create a culture of death as who would oppose CEO Napolean. Look up Holland and its new deathmobiles....six of them. see

In Oregon in 2011 only 1 of the 71 people who died by assisted suicide was referred for a psy assessment.  The slippery slope sold to the public as a safeguard to protect the depressed and others. 

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