Sunday, March 25, 2012

From being honeyed to being hated

Being honeyed has transcended to being hated.  My neighbours have decided that I am a danger to them and an email received from the landlord has agreed so it looks like an eviction will be forthcoming. I told one of my neighbours about Randy and he even went to GPC to visit Randy but only to be told that I am honeyed and the feedback I got from him was totally false like I had spent eight years locked up in a mental health facility.  Not true but he believed it and soon all the neighbours believed it.  One of the tenants here put a notice on my door that I was a safety hazard because of Randy's oxygen tank (it might explode). And when the police arrived he concurred with her. Oxygen is not combustible and more importantly an Oxygen tank must be turned ON before it can help an existing flame to burn faster and the flame has to be within five feet of the oxygen.  And I was told by one of the tenants that she was going to phone 911 as Randy was not allowed here as he did not live here and should be in a hospital (hidden from view). And please do not tell me to go to the Residential Tenancy Act.  I know of NO ONE who has gone that route that has been successful.  The RTA is a joke.  It was legislated (downloaded) so landlords  police tenants,  When you own a home no one tells you want to do but when you rent one you are faced with eviction if a tenant/neighbour doesn't want to see a handicapped person. 

I am still a danger to the vulnerable residents at GPC and now I am a danger to the tenants here.  Funny, I just realized this afternoon (Sunday) as I attended religious services (Joy Fellowship) with Randy at GPC with those residents that are totally the most vulnerable and no one is afraid of me.  They welcome me. Those that run around in $30,000 motor wheelchairs are not all vulnerable.  Most of them are quite capable of looking after themselves and creating havoc. See Paul Caine's website "Civil Rights Now." They should direct their energies to some worthwhile project like campaigning the government to give them more than $95 a month for spending money instead of panhandling or get them to campaign that all renters in BC can have pets if their doctors feel it would help them against depression and loneliness especially for seniors.  There is so much human capital at GPC wasted...Like Paul Caine said GPC is a warehouse for the incurables in BC so why give them a will to live.

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