Saturday, March 3, 2012

VPD and Sharing of Info with the USA

Being labelled as suicidial has serious implications if you want to visit the USA: they won't let you in as you are emotionally unstable.  Our "privacy concerns" are so screwed up that anyone can report an untruth and he is protected.  The least the VPD can do if you are a subject of a complaint that a copy of the police report be mailed to you.  This should also be a policy of Vancouver Coastal Health: staff can write incident reports and visitors and patients are not even aware of them.

I still cannot believe what has happened to me over my concern over Randy.   VCH has written policies for everything and they sound reasonable but yet if it does not want to follow them there is nothing you can do.   It is like being a director of a non-profit who discovers that the Board is corrupt.  Is anyone going to pay $450 a hour from your personal funds to a lawyer to be stonewalled.  Of course not.  A director quits if he is unhappy and never ever gets involved with the democratic process again so this is why there is no good people in politics and in my case I will have no alternative but to walk when my health fails.

Today I attended at GPC at 12:15 pm; I interested Randy in striking a piano keyboard as his fingers are not functioning very well due to lack of use/physio.  He seems to be getting worse since December 2011.  He was able to write his initials; he was able to speak a few words; and his limbs were more flexible. He was able to focus and attempt brain empowering exercises.  Now I do not know what is happening.  When I take him off site he becomes alert from stimili but then I do not have him for long.  VCH from the beginning of his care never really provided motivation or enough physio for him to recover.  I try what I can but it isn't enough.  He took his feed after I arrived so I couldn't leave GPC until 2:30 and then we went to Oakridge and I purchased him a new watch so he could see the time in the dark.  Tomorrow he wants to see me at noon so we can spend Sunday together hanging out with the doggies.

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