Monday, March 12, 2012

Where is my earlier blog that I wrote this morning...                                                     
The point I made was being honeyed goes hand-in-hand with being bullied. And being honeyed-bullied is not specific to me: most visitors and residents (patients) at GPC have experienced this humiliating behavior.  I am close to seventy years ago and I am not used to this behavior so when did this behavior became the norm VCH manages its properties.

Like on Sunday when I witnessed a RN tell a resident for it to leave a ward or it is going to be banned.  This resident didn't do or say anything and this resident wasn't in the way of anyone, so why such a threat. And where did this RN get such power over a person's freedom of travel or association in its own home.  I am sure the nurse then went off to write up an "objective confidential incident report."  This little exercise is going to take days to go through the system at great $cost to administration in the way of "transaction costs" (or are incident reports paid for by the federal government, I think not).  So who pays for these nonsense incident reports; they have to be costed to some ledger.

No wonder there are so few visitors in GPC, they get banned without due process and the residents doesn't even know and he thinks he has been abandoned.  All residents should be on an internet data base so everyone (an old school friend, an old lover, a lost child) can know where they are.


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