Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Day; Another Stress

The day started out really well.  I spoke to one of Randys' relatives who was interested in what was happening to Randy and she said Randy was lucky to have someone like me. There is always a Aunt Betty to a black sheep in a family. I then went to get my new glasses.  Then I went to GPC and when I said to the nurse that the suction machine was not suctioning she said that it was working a few minutes ago like I must have broke it.  Ya, the machine made noise when you turned it on but there was no suction.  There has been a constant interchange for months between staff and me as the suction machine is seldom equipped to be fully operationable when I go and see Randy. GPC is so cheap that on most occasions I only get one face cloth to attend to any discharge Randy coughs up. There must be a rumour that I steal worn out faceclothes.  I get so fed up with how staff conducts itself.  They rush and rush and rush and I have come to the conclusion they just rush and rush and rush just to create an atmosphere that they are doing something and the more they rush the less anyone will expect from them. They are so rushed that even I am intimidated not to disturb them. No time for chit chat. Their behavior is now coming across asprofessional acting badly performed. Something they must have learned in nursing acting school. Staff can take a few minutes to make sure I am satisfied with the condition Randy is in before they drop him off and run.  I do not know if he is eating, did he have a poopoo, did he go to Physio, or did he pull out his trach.  One thing I did learn today that after one year no one has shown Randy how to operate the tv remote control.  No one has taken the time. I did ask Randy today if he has any friends at GPC.  He said no.  Therefore the reason for GPC being a residential care facility where residents make friends does not exist.  For the most part Randy lives in a world of doing nothing.  If he does nothing when will he be ready to be able to do anything.  If you don't use it you loose it but then maybe that is GPC's agenda. Maybe it is time for the readers to view You Tube. The video being BC's Health Authorities on How to Effectively Communicate with the Public. Note:  After one year this You Tube video has only 580 views.  This video should have went viral.

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