Monday, April 30, 2012

The End of April

I went to see Randy this afternoon.  When I was there he told me that he didn't want to get out of his room (a space partitioned by curtains in an open ward).  He didn't look well at all but I was assured by staff that he was okay.  So I went home and fell asleep as I was exhausted. 

Yesterday was something else though.  At about 11:00 I was walking on the sidewalk in front of Kims Fruit and Vegetables and a fortyish white guy called out that I shouldn't be walking the doggies near food.   Where did this guy think food comes from.  It comes from acres filled with dirt and rodents running around and insecticides. The regulation not to have doggies near food I suspect it is but a myth. 

I then went to pick up Randy which was uneventful except for the suction machine again.  The one given to me was inoperable so I had to wait until another one was found.  I wonder if doctors have to check every single thing before they operate.

Dillon a macho male tenant moved from his apartment Saturday and I was shocked that he even took the tulips his mother planted for him the week before.  And he left a 300 pound monster big screen television in the alley and carpetting.  The property agent will have to pay a removal company to take the stuff away.  And to think macho Dillon had a SUV and he could have taken the stuff to recycling. 

Then when I was taking Randy back on Sunday I opened the door and my neighbours, one of which was depositing dog poo on the property said she was picking up my poo for the past year and she didn't think she had to. Finally, I now know who was responsible for all the doggie poo on my steps this past year. I thanked her for fertilizing my flowers and I said that I would have the doggie poo DNAed by Animal Control as I knew that the doggie poo did not belong to Owen or Missey. 

Can you imagine a fifty year old white woman walking up and down the back laneways in Oakridge finding time to scout the laneways for doggie poo and transporting it to who she thinks is its owner. 

Later when I was taking the doggies out she came running after us wanting to know if Missey had just peepeed or poopooed.  She told me that the DNA would not prove anything as all I had to do is go to the park and retrieve doggie poo there and substitute it as the sample.  She was following us so closely that I bolted around the complex into my apartment and locked the door not knowing what next to expect from her. A few weeks earlier she was lecturing to me that I was a liar and she was telling me things that I could not believe she knew.  I do not know how it got to the point where she said that she had phoned the police and accused me of I hitting her.  I went horrorified and ran as fast as I could from her to my place and phoned 911 to tell it that I did not hit that woman.  Where do these people come from.  It is beyond me.

After I returned Randy to Pearson I found on my door a large sign saying No Smoking and that I was being reported to the property agent and also the fire marshall. My lease doesn;t say anything about not smoking. I do not think a landlord can legally prevent someone from smoking in their rented units. How would anyone even know if I was smoking in my unit or not.  Do they have a key and enter my place when I am not here.  You can only ignore this type of behavior for so long.  You run and hide and hope things get better but they don't.

I know that twenty percent of the population at any one time in their lives need a shrink but between GPC and this place I have been living with the twenty percent.  I feel that I am in a snake pit most of the time..

When I approached GPC today one of the residents was on the sidewalk and she was visibly upset.  She told me that a care aid refused to change her fleece top as it was wet in two larges places because the care aid had to go on her break.  When I worked when a customer needed something I made sure he got it then I went on a break.  I phoned the manager of GPC and I hope the care aid is told to be a little more caring of her charges. Better yet I hope the manager will apologize to the longterm resident.


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