Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank You for Sharing The Randy Michael Walker Foundation

Another week has passed and it seems like an hour. So many things have happened but I do not have the energy to explain. A gentleman was very kind to me on Tuesday and he said thank you for sharing my experiences with VCH with him. It was the nicest compliment I received so far. I hope I can meet him again. Thank you for sharing. I will never forget.

I have started another blog called the Randy Michael Walker Foundation. The prime purpose of the Foundation is to create an interest group to change the BC Residential Tenancy Act and Strata Act to allow companion pets if a doctor thinks it is necessary for the well-being of a patient. I have spoken to many retired people and they all would like a pet. I know for me if I didn't have Randy's two rescued doggies, I would be a worse basket case than I am. The doggies demand attention and they control me totally. Missey is a golden retriever about 11 years old and the little dog, Owen, is about ten years old. Both of them are devils and they have taken over my apartment as their own: it is their house. They are happy. And they love each other. And they love strawberries and cantaloupe. And they keep me young and fit and sometimes focused. Both are very joyful and are always playing catch me if you can. Both of them are smart. They are trained so that at 7:00 am both of them go to the lane and on a small grass patch have a quick peepee and then they run back into the house. I have to rely on charity to pay for their maintenance; both are very healthy. I want Randy and others from George Pearson Centre to create the companion pet action initiative. I spoke to Karen a resident at GPC and she is excited to help. If any of you readers like the idea please write a letter, email or phone to say you are on board. And send $1.00 or stamps to pay for overhead, if you can. I do not want to do a petition rather I want letters/emails/phone calls with comments on topic. I want it to be a very interative experience with boxes and boxes of letters, emails, and telephone messages overflowing and we will acknowledge each of your comments. And off to the parliament buildings we will go...
Randy Michael Walker
Ward 2
George Pearson Centre,
700 West 57th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC. V6P 1S2
75-543 Powell Street
Vancouver BC
V6A 1G8

or 5976B Cambie Street
Vancouver BC
V5Z 392


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