Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To be insulted, to be humilitated, to be disgraced

My patience is at an end. I was just told that I am not allowed to use the toilet in Ward 1 (a Ward that is not fully utilized --). GPC is doing everything possible so that I have no contact with the residents or staff.  What is GPC trying to do.  Totally bizarre.  So far I have never been told what harm I ever committed. Trying to be friendly should be encouraged not banned. I worked twenty-five years in retail I know how to say hi to people. There are serious things wrong with VCH but who will address them. None of this would have progressed this far if I was, as promised, afforded an independent investigation of the alledged behavior I was guilty of which resulted in my banning forever from the bedside of my friend, Randy Michael Walker.  Linda Rose promised me this at the open Board Meeting June 2011.  She then just abruptly changed her mind and the Chairman of the Board won't interfere even though her decision was contrary to VCH's own policies.  I question the competency of the Board. 

GPC phoned me saying that Randy wasn't feeling well on Tuesday and he didn't want to get up as he had a fever.  So I ran down there being escorted by the head nurse who said that I could only have a few minutes.  Randy did not have a fever.  I reminded him of the appointment we had offsite to get him a new pair of glass frames and he decided to get up.  But of course that wasn't possible. I am not sure why it wasn't possible but that is the answer I got. 

I have been using that washroom for a year. What further humiliation do I have to face.

cc to Kip Woodward, Chair of VCH
cc to Bob Chapman, Risk Management of VCH


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