Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Good to be true

For the past few days, everything was going okay, and this morning I awoke with a sense of foreboding around me and sure enough Marion reminded me of my unrealistic restrictions to visit Randy.  I am only allowed to visit Randy and not allowed to attend any GPC activities -- those activities that are used to normalize the residents and their significant others are invited like church, like residents council meetings, like the garden club, like the canteen, like bingo.

My presence is apparently upsetting Rod and Willy in Ward 2.  After a year I tried to be pleasant to Rod a few days ago and he like a spoilt child runs off behind my back saying I invaded his space because I stood in his doorway and asked how was he feeling as his brother recently died and Rod was in VGH for a few weeks. During the Christmas we were talking about his life so I assumed that things were okay between us.  He complained about me a year ago so he might have decided again to paint me.  If not he can get in touch with me and I will apologize because maybe someone else saw us.

And then there is Willy, the resident bully. The resident bully who buys bulk food at Costco and stores it in his resident-wife's cupboard and cooks his meals in the common kitchen although it is said in the GPC Residents Manual that visitors are allowed only tea and a cookie sometimes. I have asked that his cooking cease but no.  There is avery large cafeteria where food can be purchased reasonably from the kitchen.   Both of these caring persons are featured in the You Tube video Envisioning Home.  How can these giants be afraid of a 70 year old woman weighing 100 pounds.

This has been going on for close to two years and it is going to continue like Linda Rose said until Randy dies and even on his death bed I would not be allowed into Ward 2.  GPC does not have to have a reason to expel anyone. And what can I do: nothing. I have no money for lawyers and GPC is private property owned by the taxpayers so maybe it can. So much for the myth that GPC is a home for the incurables.

For the past few days I have been asking residents what they thought of someone cooking fresh fried food in a ward.  Would it cause a resident to become upset especially if he is on tube feed or even on hospital food.  I could not find one resident who thought it was appropriate.  One of the comments I heard was that it was torture.  And Willy is still cooking there.  Randy is a quad in a bed close to the common kitchen, he can't talk, he can't walk, he can't eat.  Even if he was in a position to object  staff would still allow Willey to cook and eat there because Willey has positioned himself to be well liked by the staff. In January when Randy was refusing his feed I asked management to stop the process as Randy only wanted real food to eat and the smell of food cooking could cause that craving.

As for Willy he lets it be known that if you say anything about him no one will believe you.  And it is true. Through the years residents have complained about Willy and he is still entrenched there. Doesn't he have a life besides becoming friendly with the nurses in Ward 2 and other female residents in plain view of his wife and everyone else. I would look at this scenario and I would become nauseous.  His wife is in the latter stages of Lou Gehrig's disease.  I remember on New Year's day I was at GPC and saw his wife being sent to VGH and rather than accompany her he went to the GPC New Years Day party. 


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