Monday, May 7, 2012 (work bullies)

A short CBC radio piece May1,2012 called Work Bullies might serve to help educate.  You may be the next bully target.  By the time you stand up for yourself you are a "basket case" and no one will help you as now your behavior is weird and you are on your own. Targets of bullying are often well-adjusted, educated and hard workers and at one time very popular ...

Link: then look for May 1 2012 then the title Work Bullies.

Also go to my email and assent/comment about Randy's wanting to change the Residentiall Tenacy Act so that comfort pets will be legal on a physician's okay.. Or write to Randy Walker c/o George Pearson Centre 700 West 57th Avenue Vancouver BC  V6P 1S1  We will need 200,000 letters/emails to make this a reality.


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