Thursday, May 17, 2012

It didn't work

At 8:00 am Thursday I phoned Ward 2 at GPC and told Tanu, the head nurse, that I would be visiting Randy at 2:00 and we would be going to the open house as per my note on Wednesday.  She said to me that there would be someone to escort me and Randy to the Open House in the activity room (the 60th anniversary of George Pearson Centre) with the explanation that I would have to be supervised so that I didn't talk to anyone and no one could talk to me.  Tanu doesn't do very well under pressure and she says things that astound.  It didn't even occur to me to plan to say anything to anyone.  I thought the open house was for the community/neighbourhood as GPC already had a RSVP function a few days earlier. 

When I arrived Randy said that he didn't  want to go to the open house and in our exit we collided with Sam Sullivan (the former mayor of Vancouver who lives life in a wheelchair).  I introduced him to Randy and asked him if he would look into my ridiculous banning.  The most influential person in the City of Vancouver ... someone VCH won't want me to talk to....

And then to make my day Randy indicated that he needed a suction.  After I suctioned him I asked one of the nurses from Ward 2 to check on Randy as I wasn't sure of his breathing.  The nurse said his shift ended at 3:00 pm.  It was 3:04 pm and he walked away knowing full well of my banning and the difficulty I would have in getting assistance.  I just can't walk down the hall and fetch a nurse and even if I could they always seem to be hiding in a private room or behind curtains in the open ward and at shift change are having a closed door briefing in their lounge and there is no one on the floor.


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