Saturday, May 19, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend 2012

On Saturday my luck with staff was not any better.  The nurse dropped off a suction machine.  I said could I ask her a question.  She said that she had to run as she had to attend to someone...

However, I must be feeling better as I went to Safeway today and purchased an oven cleaner so I will be merrily cleaning my oven tonight while listening to CBC radio.  A good mental health breakthrough.

I spoke briefly to Jackie Bellamy from Ward 4 this afternoon.   The elder lady I posted about last week.  I can still see her racing in her wheel chair down 57th towards Cambie not knowing or caring where she was going.  She was angry as her fleece top was wet and the nurse on her ward won't change it as the nurse was to have a break.  If you have limited mobility in your torso and can't dress yourself being treated in such a disrespectful way can cause you to want to end it all.  I always thought Jackie liked it in George Pearson as she participates in all it offers: recreation, concerts, church, swimming, residents council, etc.  But she told me today she can't afford to live on her own so she has no choice.  I asked her if management apologized to her for her being left in a wet fleece top.  She said no.  So much for George Pearson as I did tell the manager to talk to Jackie and also to the nurse who decided her break was more important than the comfort of Jackie. I remember the day: it was chilly outside.  Jackie is in her 80s; how cruel can these employees be.  Using the word cruel might seem harsh, but that is what it is. I suspect someone should report the uncaring nurse to the union as management hasn't done anything.. 

When I was looking for a lawyer last year, the lady lawyer I spoke to said that VCH had no morals or ethics. But it is worse than that.  GPC must be the dumping ground for employees that no other hospital wants.

Randy has been very calm these past few days so I have been very calm.  He is looking forward to attending Rick Hansen and Celebration 25 on Tuesday.


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