Saturday, May 26, 2012

This is Priceless

A quote from VCH Risk Management Friday May 25 2012

I also wanted to clarify you are not banned from GPC. Marion gave you a letter supporting you can visit every day if you choose. You have been asked not to go to many areas of GPC except Randy's Ward, the grounds at GPC and the family room.  

This is double speak. I am not allowed to go to Randy's bedside except for two minutes just to make sure that Randy hasn't been hidden in the caverns of VCH so I don't call the police.VCH hide him on me and put a No Information Order on him in 2010 so that no one else could find him either without his knowledge or my knowledge. VCH has refused to tell me who did this. This two-minute concession is allowed me while under escorted supervision.  When Randy isn't feeling well and can't get out of bed I cannot visit him at his bedside. From day one of my banning I was told that the residents from Ward 2 were afraid of me so I do not understand why you have extended this to the whole hospital. No one is afraid of me and you have created a shameful situation targeting caregivers who really care by driving them away.  Your Risk Management Department created the problem.  Why are you with your two social worker degrees doing this.  You remind me of low paid security guards who create situations to demonstrate to their superiors that they are valuable.  This nightmare has been going on for two years for me and Randy and there seems to be no end.

Also I can only be on site to visit Randy from 12:00 to 4:00 which is a recent improvement from 2:00 to 4:00 only on weekdays but not weekends, evenings or holidays.  These hours are to accommodate Willy the bully who has spent the past nine years sleeping at GPC in Ward 2 who was and still is instrumental in my banning.  He sleeps in a semi-recliner chair.  No one else is allowed personal chairs in the ward but he has one.  From surfing the Internet it says that a good night's sleep can be attained by sleeping at a 40 degree angle sitting up. His wife has one of those old monster tvs that you cannot give away sitting on a table taking up valuable space that impede the nurses ability to work.   Everyone else has to have a ceiling tv.  And Willy has a reputation for being rich so he tells everyone as staff, visitors and residents fall over him.  You would think he would be loving enough to buy his wife a new flat screen tv.. Willy should do the right thing and donate the rent he has saved to the recreational department at GPC.  But then that will never happen as bullies only make sure they are looked after. Refer to Wikipedia and link to bullies and the stress they cause their victims and onlookers.  

Also after all this time Randy and I are now allowed to attend recreational activities at GPC provided we are approved (to be supervised) ahead of time.  And now after all the pleas to allow me to attend with Randy which went unanswered to events, Randy doesn't want to go.. Two months ago he was diagnosed as clinically depressed and he doesn't want to do much. Why would he be so depressed after two years of the best care VCH offers. Knowing of his depression I take him off site to places that might interest him.

I was also told that I can't access the grounds except for the concrete pathway to visit Randy in the family room which is likened to a very hot visitors room in a jail.  And it isn't instant visiting Randy when I arrived as it can take up to two hours for staff to wheel him into the family room. Today I had to wait thirty minutes.

And please do not rationalize that staff is overworked and underpaid.  It is their personal lives that are overworked and they force themselves to come to work for timeout and secondary for their wage. The pay for a LPN is $22 an hour to $40 an hour plus 30% fringe benefits plus overtime plus the ability to work at another facility on their days off.  And they will never quit and give up their pensions.  There should be no in-house pensions to eliminate the reason for corruption.  A LPN isn't a RN so it would be interesting to know what RNs make. An old lady once told me to find answers just follow the money. Also a LPN only requires nine-months of schooling which is scary.  Take an acting course, take a 9-month course, memorize only the things that you have to never mind understanding why, and manipulate hours for your $100,000 a year job and above all make sure you project to the general population that you are a Florence Nightingale.

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